mardi 23 août 2011

wench in rome. . .

Everyone knows the saying "when in rome, do as the romans do." what we didnt know however, is that in august, What the romans do is get the hell out of rome, so nick, Megan andt i were on our own with this one.

We arrived in rome right on time and took a shuttle straight to our hostel because "we deserved it." by the time we ventured out into the streets to find pizza the sun had gone down and we walked around our new favorite city for hours admiring countless huge ancient things.

In the morning our infatuation with rome was shattered when we realised that rome is about 150 degrees and 200% humidity at all times. And the city is about a million people past capacity. Basically the entire city is a huge fire code violation. We quickly learned that rome is best at night, or with a gelato in hand.

We didnt let the heat stop us though. We trekked through the collosium, roman forum, palentine hill and a bunch of other old marble stuff on our first day. There are no wordsbto describe how hot it was other than if the smith family had been there, we would be playing minigolf (jones, brehm, smith florida shoutout.)

we also spent a day at the vatican in which we climbed 550 stairs to the top of st. Peters basilica for a beautiful view of the city, spent some time in the air conditioned vatican museum, and were herded like cattle through the sistine chapel. Quite the holy experience. Megan and abby also had some trouble getting into the vatican due to their skirt lengths. (what hussies) but they were soon taught by vatican security that modest truly is hottest.

The rest of our time was spent in more museums, shopping, siesta-ing, eating delicious pizza, night walking, day dreaming of smoothies and free wifi, filling up water bottles from national monuments, playing masho and love fortune, and a fatefull ride on the 64 bus of which we do not speak of but reminds us that no matter what happens, there was always a time when life was worse.

Finally i would like to give a special thank you to the man who made our trip. You got us free wine, taught us how to skip long lines, and how to protect ourselves from pickpockets. Rick Steves we salute you.

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