lundi 29 août 2011

Wait...are we in Australia??

Nick departed for the land of the free and the home of the brave after our adventures in Rome while Megan and Abby continued onward to Athens! Or at least what we thought was Athens, but is apparently an Australian hotspot for travel. They were everywhere!

When we got to Athens in the afternoon is was already cooler then any time of day we witnessed in Rome, so our spirits were high. This, combined with the fact that we were staying at the coolest hostel in Athens (run by Australians of course), was a sure sign that we were really going to enjoy our time in Greece.

The first evening was spent eating Gyros (of course!), meeting the woman that would play Abby in a Greek movie about her life, watching the sunset over the Acropolis from the rooftop bar of our hostel, and meeting our new roommates (Australian, obvi).

Our hostel offered a walking tour in the mornings as well and so we, five Australians, two southern Asians, and one Frenchwomen set off with our Greek guide to see all of the famous sites around Greece. It was very interesting and informative. We saw the Acropolis, stood on Mars Hill, saws old Greek and Roman ruins, the old Olympic stadium, the changing of the guard at Parliament, and the riot police! We asked our guide if there was a riot going on and he said that we were in Athens, so probably. Lucky for us, like the rest of Europe, dissatisfied Greeks take August off, so we did not have any trouble with strikes or riots.

We also made the 45 minute tram ride down to the Mediterranean! The beach was a pebble beach but the water was not too cold. Unlike the beach in France, there were no waves here so if you swam out from where other people were you could see the sea floor 10 feet beneath you as floated effortlessly in VERY salty water. There were little fish and naked Greek children. Livin' the dream.

When we weren't adventuring, eating Gyros, or siesta-ing, we did a lot of shopping. There were streets full of cool shops that we spent hours perusing. One of our very sickly (and Australian) roommates told us where the big store shopping district was and so we hit up all of the trendy stores as well.

Our second to last night in Athens was spent hiking a nearby hill to watch the sunset. You could see all of Athens and a lot of the Greek isles as well. It was pretty amazing! Our final night was spent at the McDonalds in the Athens airport where we struggled to stay awake until our early morning flights departed.

I sadly left a very sleepy Abby at 4:30am to attempt to check in at the most inefficient airline counter I have ever been at (unaided by the fact that Europeans do not know how to form lines). My adventures took me to Zurich for 5 hours (which is apparently in Switzerland and not Germany) where I was confused into spending $18 on a Burger King meal and pulled out of security twice for special screening. Next off to Chicago for another 6 hours where I thankfully had use of my cell phone to pass the time. Finally to Denver where I met my family and stayed in a hotel before driving the 4.5 hour drive home. Needless to say, it was a long travel stint. In the end, of course, it was all worth it as these last six weeks have been some of the craziest and funnest of my life. I made some amazing friends and had some incredible adventures!

Although my Eurotrip ends here, Little Abraham (abby) continued on to London where she undoubtedly will have many adventures of her own to share with you!

Much love,

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