samedi 27 août 2011

Paris refuses to be posted.

Our avid blog followers will note that, in following our travels on your push pin board maps (which I'm sure all of you are undoubtedly doing) we appear to have lost several days of Paris travel in the transition from real world to blog world. That would be Megan's fault. However, we can also lay blame on the fact that the instructions were in Greek (literally) and I was attempting to blog from my phone. So let us travel back in time to our pre-Rome excursion as I blog about these 2 days of our lives for the third time.

When we last left you, Nick, Abby and Megan had just lost the wenchiest French Wench with Clarin's departure at some ungodly early hour. Lacking the ugly faces and dance moves of our best fourth, we continued our travels with a slightly less pony-wanting trio. We spent our first day set loose in Paris with those who remained of our group. It was a relaxing day; we sat in the park watching Bryant try (and SUCCEED!!) to catch pigeons with his bare hands. Next we wandered down by the river to watch the Parisians pretend that they have a beach. Left over pool trauma from the south of France made us all nervous to be so close to water, but luckily none of us were thrown in (or in Abby's case, bounced of the curb and then thrown in). After we grew tired of the river we took over a Starbucks basement (our God given right as Seattlites) for several hours. There we reminisced about the trip and discussed the inner workings of SPU politics (the scandal!!). Finally it was time to say goodbye to some more friends. We left Eric with some parting complaints ("Eric, it's too hot, turn off the sun!") and headed to the Westin, in which we sneakily fit 5 people into a room meant for 2.

Our final day in Paris was spent taking full advantage of the metro system. We picnicked under the Eiffel where the best business tactics are to shout out random American associations like, "Lady Gaga, Bling bling," or to pick pocket travelers such as ourselves. We also went to a huge graveyard where lots of famous people are buried and it eternally looks like Halloween. The Shakespeare and Company Bookstore also filled up much of our time as we perused its shelves and it quickly became our favorite bookstore (you would've loved it Em). We went back to the Montmartre steps to watch the sunset and made friends with an Italian musician and his Georgian (like the country) assassin manager. We finished the evening wandering around a Parisian carnival across the street from our hotel. In classic carnival fashion, it was grossly overpriced so we just ate snacks and walked around. Because of our early wake up call in the morning, we went to bed while our friends continued their evening, enjoying their last night of Parisian night life.

We awoke the next morning at 5am and made our way to Rome that day without much trouble. Note that we flew on Niki Airlines, the trendiest way to fly. Our pilot had a fauxhawk, the flight attendants wore weans and trendy blazers, and they played Flo Rida as we landed in Vienna for our layover. Hella swanky to be sure.

This post is a loving memory of Clarin Joy McDonald, a tragic loss to the French Wench travel team

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