samedi 20 août 2011

Paris, London, even Tokyo.

Due to increased amounts of peer pressure, I am now writing to you about our last days in Paris and my wild adventures back home to the US of A.

Our last night in St. Maximin, once again, was celebrated with dancing, singing, packing, cleaning (we only had 12 hours before we left so we had to clean pretty quickly), Scottish girls in short dresses attempting the worm (author's note: this never ends well), and Liz Davis going all "high school P.E teacher" on us. We were going to miss the South of France, but were anxious to get to Paris. We fell asleep way to late for our 7 am wake up call in the morning, but were all thankful for the 3 hour train ride/nap to Paris. We arrived in Paris and took the metro to our hostel, which is quite a feat when you are traveling with 25 people, all with luggage, who don't really know where they're going. Over the course of two days in Paris we got to go to so many cool places: the Arc de Triomphe, the Pantheon, Napoleon's Tomb, Notre Dame, The Louvre, Museum Orsay, Sac le'Coeur, The Moulin Rouge, etc. etc. I'm probably missing a few, but all of these places were absolutely amazing. The amount of history that Paris holds was breathtaking. Not to mention that the fashion was jungle chic, the benches were nap-worthy, and Monet's paintings could be admired for hours on end. At the end of our two days, we spent the night underneath the lit up Eiffel Tower and we all dreaded the fact that our France trip would officially end the next day and that we wouldn't have the privilege of living with this fine group of people in France anymore. We said our goodbyes and made plans for a reunion party ASAP. Then the French Wench did the hardest thing since trying to make Nick write a blog post: said goodbye to me. Breaking up the members of the French Wench is just unnatural. It's like not having baguettes for breakfast or Dr. Davis without his aqua sweater.... it just shouldn't be allowed. And yet, it had to be done.

In short, my 48 hours of traveling back home were.....hell. Okay, not actually that bad.... but by far the longest 2 days of my life. I had an 18 hour layover in Amsterdam, where I realized that reading maps in Dutch isn't as hard as it seems. I worked my way to the Ann Frank house, which was something I have always wanted to do. It was amazing. I indulged in some Dutch pancakes, then headed back to the airport, which would be my home for the next 10 hours. The next day consisted of ridiculously high priced airport food, not enough sleep, four different planes, sleeping through the boarding of my Seattle to Spokane flight, waking up at 10:55 pm when my flight was at 11, the airline have to reopen the plane for me to get on, and finally arriving back home at midnight on the 17th. Being home, has never felt so good. And there ends the travels of this lonely French Wench. Keep posted for the stories of the other wenches who are currently in Rome.

you know you love me,


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