vendredi 12 août 2011

I want a Pony!

We understand that this is becoming a trend, but we once again apologize for our lack of blogging. This time we have a real excuse, our internet is about as sturdy as a house of cards, one blow from caving in. I have never missed dial up internet as much as I do now. Or as much as we did last night, the night before our final when we realized we didn't have access to spark notes or online chapter summaries of the books we didn't have time to read between all the tanning and pool-partying we have been forced to do.

Anyways, we will attempt to catch you up before the internet crashes again.

Saturday morning we took the bus to the Uzes Market, where Clarin continued her quest for floral pants. The Market was huge and crowded and would probably be really impressive to a group of students who don't live miles away from Pike Place in downtown Seattle. Saturday night we went back into town to watch the parade. The parade was literally a freak parade with flying jellyfish, ribbon dancers trapped in huge balloons, bollywood dancers, and a huge robotic elephant that sprayed the crowd with water. Although we insisted Dr. Davis was not to pick us up until at least midnight, we were begging to be picked up at 9:30. When we got back to the house, the rain started. We thought it rained hard in Honefluer. We were mistaken. There was a flash flood on the pool deck, thunder and lightning, and a leak in the roof convienently right above Abby's Pillow. It was a rough night for everyone.

Sunday the rain continued, and since there is only one room in the house that has wifi, and really just only one common room in the house, it is needless to say everyone was suffering from cabin fever by the time the rain stopped. We watched some movies and actually got some school reading done. That night, Abby taught Dr. Davis to go "bat fishing" by swinging socks and stockings above his head. After realizing that no bats were being attracted, yet everyone was laughing, we think it is safe to say Abby will be getting docked a few points on her final.

This week we've been on two excursions. The first was to Avingnon where we visited the French Papal Palace and spent hours shopping and eating Gelato. The second was to Lo Beyuex, which was a midevil fortified city. We were highly encouraged to dress warmly, so luckily we were wearing sweatshirts on our hike up a mountain in 95 degree heat. The view was spectacular though.

Wednesday night Dr. Davis invited a group of traveling gyspsies to perform for us and a group of others from the town we are staying in. We've discussed how we would describe this night to you, but we think Katy Perry says it best in her poetic lyrics "last Wednesday night, yea we danced on table tops, and we took too many shots, i think we kissed but i forgot. It's a Blacked-out blur but I'm pretty sure it ruled. Yea!" 

The rest of our time has been spent by the pool, and in class. The growing closeness of our group is symbolized by the number of people that get thrown in the pool each hour. There have only been a few casualties, including a huge bruise on Abby's hip, and Nick's unfortunate encounter with a very oily Liz.

We have finally finished all of our finals and are ready to celebrate our last night in the South of France before going to Paris tomorrow! We can't believe that our trip is coming to an end!

Also, Nick has promised to buy Abby a Pony, which is great news. We will look for one in Paris

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