lundi 1 août 2011

Failing at Poolside Charades

Where we last left you: Midterms complete and mad-packing done...ish. Ensues our final night in Honfleur. We had pizza for dinner (which seems insignificant except that we LOVE pizza so it was the best thing eva!!) We went out and took our final pictures in Honfleur, reminiscing on the good times, and forgetting the fact that we spent the majority of the first week hiding from the rain inside playing cards. Around midnight we all decided that it was a brilliant idea to go to the beach. After some logistical sorting we finally made it to the was a good night! Unfortunately someone locked the door back at the villa and hid the key in some black hole of things you will never find. Being 3am, we were keen to go to bed and ended up scaling walls and hedges and wrought iron spiked topped fences to break into our own home. We couldn't just wake someone up because the door is deadlocked in a way that you are locked both in and out unless there is a key. It was an eventful night.

The internet here is r...i...d...i...c...u....l....o....u...s...l....y slow so this is the only picture you get for now...but know that we have lots more and that Nick is in them.

The next morning we were awoken (some of us more forceably then others--sleepy Clarin). More packing and repacking and cleaning and recleaning later we all trooped down with our entire months luggage through town to the bus station. Lucky for us, it was market day so there were lots of people in the streets to laugh at the silly Americans struggling to lug their giant backpacks over cobblestone streets. A 2 1/2 hour bus ride to Paris, a 2  hour wait in the train station and a 2 1/2 hour dare or darer filled train ride we finally made it St. Maximin. It is a suuuuper small village but we don't mind because we are staying at an AMAZING villa!

Our first day at the villa was spent poolside. Literally. It was a complete vacation day. Topped off with a shrimp dinner and world class musicians that played all evening as we danced the night away. This day has been unreal.

Today we had class, which is held outside because it is so warm here. After lunch we went Kayaking down a river under some ancient aquaducts. We splashed and jumped off cliffs and had a fantastic time. We are now completely exhausted and hanging out by the pool. Abby and Nick are unsuccessfully guessing what Clarin is charade-ing....obviously she is miming headless chicken...or something to that effect.

And that's where we are at. Nighty night readers (or if you are particularly avid blog followers, this would be a good morning)

The French Wench

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