samedi 6 août 2011

Bull Snap (title dedicated to the Hogue Household)

The French Wench would like to formally apologize for the lack of blog posts lately. The French Wench would like to blame these lack of posts on the 98 degree weather in which causes us to do nothing but lay by the pool, and let's also blame it on Megan Hogue because she is always a good person to blame things on, especially when she is busy getting her bangs cut while she forces me to write this post.

In our last episode we left you on the edge of your seats on our kayaking adventure. We have had many adventures since then.

1. Pool Party Extravaganza: Amanda (the owner of our villa) is a party animal. Tuesday night we were all sitting around hanging out and all of a sudden we hear loud music and singing. Amanda is down by the pool dancing provocatively (mind you she is 65 years old) and singing loudly (mind you it's hotter than helena out so the amount of clothes is minimal). We then all proceed to  have a dance along with her, and then one thing led to another, someone threw someone in the pool, and before you know it, we are all in the pool, loving life. Then the neighbors came and told us we were being too loud and we had to stop. But it was a great night nonetheless. (and we've learned some new dance moves)

2. The Mediterranean Sea: we spent ALL day on Wednesday at the Mediterranean Sea. Let's talk about how beautiful it was shall we. Holy cow. Blue/ Green/warm water, white sand, big waves, hot sun, and gelato. It was a perfect day. And none of us got sunburned! It's a Christmas miracle. It was a great first trip to the Mediterranean for all.

2. Arles: We went to a town 45 minutes away called Arles. Unfortunately sweet Megan didn't come along with us because she was feeling a wee bit sick and didn't feel like gallivanting around the colonial countryside all day. This was the hottest day of our lives and we were walking around the town looking at old roman colosseums and sweating profusely. Luckily, Dr. Davis gave us money to buy gelato. Nothing better than gelato you don't have to pay for. We went shopping in the cute shops around Arles and some of us made some purchases that are tres france.

3. Bull fighting: Last night we had the opportunity to witness a small town, friday night, bull fighting event. We crammed 24 people into two 5 passenger cars (quite a feat i might add) and drove 10 minutes away to the neighboring town of uves. It was one of the most hilarious things we have ever seen. They release a bull into the arena and men "try" to prove their "manhood" by catching the bull's attention and then running away from it to jump the fence and try to not get trampled. Unfortunately our dear friend Justin (aka Cap'n) could not escape the bull's wrath and got "trampled" (aka lost his footing and fell and the bull stepped over him, and a tiny scrape resulted). Nick also got in the ring and did manly things like stand behind the fence and plank in the middle of the arena whilst the bull left the arena. The night was a hilarious success and who doesn't love a good ol' bull fight?

Tonight we get to go to the running of the bulls in the streets, so you can look forward to hearing stories of that in our next post. And good news, I was promised there would be sheep there :) numz.

also, sorry no pics. our internet is not so hot currently.

you know you love me,

French Wench.

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