samedi 23 juillet 2011

Watchin you watchin me I go all out!

Good evening avid blog followers (Emily)! The reason we haven't blogged in so long is because Nick was spending several days coming up with this gem of a haiku:

French clubs rainy sweat
Rides flowin like hot bubbles
Asleep in mid-seat

Since we last blogged, we have spent several days sitting in class. The harsh reality of actually having to study is softened by the fact that we hide out in the in the back of the class on the comfy couches. The highlight of our class days are the amazing meals that are made for us. We eat like French kings (before they were all beheaded).

The sunny weather we were promised this week never actually showed up so what time we don't spend eating and sitting in class, we have spent playing cards and visiting with our fellow travelers to avoid torrential downpours. However, we have spent days exploring the town and even a pro-status game of four on four basketball despite Noah-esque rain showers.

On Friday we went on our second excursion to Monet's house. We walked through his amazingly huge garden that inspired a lot of his works and through his house. The most important thing we learned was that Monet was a total B.A. with an awesome beard! After Monet's garden we travelled to the city of Rouen. Not only is Rouen home to the trial and burning place of Joan of Arc (another historical B.A.), it also houses the Rouen Cathedral that Monet painted. The place was HUGE and amazing. The stonework was so detailed we could hardly believe that it was built so long ago. We took pictures with stone saints and accidently joined a tour group adventuring into the offlimits basement of the building until the tour guide unceremoniously kicked us out...oops, American is as American does I suppose...

                                                  Monet's house

                                Clarin posing a la Joan of Arc (notice the middle part)

                                           Rouen Cathedral

On the bus (we American sized students highly dislike the French sized bus, but we are getting used to it) ride home we discovered that Flo Rida was playing a show in the next town over. Conveniently it also happened to be the night that we had planned on celebrating Megan's 21st Birthday, which had been on Thursday. So that night, Dr. Davis graciously caravanned 11 of us out to a mansion club in the middle of nowhere. It was half an hour away so we, being in the second wave of the caravan, didn't arrive until after 1am. The place however was, comment dites-vous "poppin!" It was apparently the "rich kids club" in Northern France. As we waited in line to enter a mansion barely muffling a heavy base beat we were surrounded by Mustangs and Ferraris. Nick was wearing a tank top and wasn't allowed to enter until he put on a sweatshirt. We were waaaay under dressed, but in a place with this much swank it is hard not to be. The inside of the club was even more out of control. There were several large rooms, dance floors, chandeliers, raised areas, hot tubs (which we wouldn't dare enter), strobe lights, and champagne bottles that quite literarily had flaming flares strapped to the top. We, and about 8 thousand French youths (an exageration yes, but the place was packed) danced to a few techno beats before Flo Rida came on. He played all of his hits and it was OUT OF CONTROL. He finished with "Club Can't Even Handle Me Right Now" coincidently the theme song of Megan's year and a great Birthday finale!

We left the club in the wee hours of the morning. Dr. Davis, being the amazing man that he is, had slept in the car to wait to bring us home. The four of us ended up in the second wave once again so we were waiting in the parking lot. A friendly French security guard came to practice his english with us and likely to keep us safe. He is a twenty year old soccer playing architecture student. He speaks French, German, Persian, and English. He became our new friend and totally made the hour long wait worth it. We finally got home at 5:30am, it was a crazy night.

Since then we have eaten more baguettes, continued hanging out with our fellow travelers, spent time teaching the French how to Dougie, and witnessed a French attempt at a Fiesta. Our adventures continue with the hopes that we will find the motivation to pick up our text books again soon =)

PS. we finally have pictures!!! yay. here's some we think you may find enjoyable.
                            Downtown Honfleur. It's like Disneyland...only real

                                               Our villa in Honfleur

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