vendredi 29 juillet 2011

Shout out to Amy Cole! (Wait what'd you just say?) 

The past few days have been relatively uneventful but sunshine has made up for it. On Wednesday we traveled for the last time (thank the lord) on our little red bus to the city of Bayeux. In Bayeux we saw a tapestry depicting the only time England was ever conquered. Most of us only lasted through the first half of the audio tour, but at least we stuck it out longer than Dr. Davis who got bored and quit after 5 minutes.

We also saw another old cathedral in Bayeux, which was intricate and amazing, but we are slowly learning that a french cathedral, is a french cathedral, is a french cathedral. Highlights of this excursion included making ugly faces with our fellow travelers, speaking in British accents, and catching up on celeb. gossip with Dr. Davis. 
(Dr. Davis' impression of an English solider)

The Sunshine has finally arrived so have spent our nights watching the sunset on the beach over the English Channel and have discovered the roof top of our villa. Our nights have also included some painful and unnecessarily long games of Mofia, and pretending to study for the midterms we took today. You've never taken a midterm until you've taken one in a living room with 20 other people while Davis tries to explain the questions to you as he makes them up on the spot. 

Now we are packing up our villa and getting ready to celebrate the end of midterms and our last night in Honfleur. We are excited for our next two weeks by the pool and on the Mediterranean beach in the South  of France but we are sad to leave our little fishing town and can't believe our trip is almost half way over!

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