mardi 19 juillet 2011

p(hon) de (fluer)

Saturday Morning Clarin, Abby, Megan, and Nick (blogger enthusiast) arrived in Honfluer. Although Dr. Davis told us to bring only shorts and tank-tops, there has been nothing but torrential rains.

Our adventures have included personality gardens, (apparently it only takes 2 statues to constitute a personality garden) wandering around town looking at the cute french-speaking dogs and watching the USA women's soccer team choke in the final shoot out of the World Cup.

We started classes on Monday, and struggle to stay awake on the coaches in the back of the room in-between Dr. Davis's insightful comments on life such as "they're smoking marijuana? Good! Now we're getting somewhere!"

Today we went to Mont St. Michele, a castle masquerading as a church surrounded by water. We couldn't find any sunday school classrooms but Clarin did get in some epic planking and we survived the tides that move "faster than a galloping horse."

P.S. sorry we can't upload any pictures. We made a compact to not upload pictures since it slows down the internet, and since Clarin has already caused one power-outage since we've been here, we figure we will stick to this one.

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