samedi 16 juillet 2011

Date Night in Paris

Obviously, Abby and Clarin purposely chose to arrive a day early so that they could spend what would be their first date in the most romantic place on Earth, the Holiday Inn nearest the Charles de Gualle Airport. Abby arrived first in Paris and proceeded to wait for Clarin to get here. Clarin arrived an hour later than originally planned and was anxious to see Abby's face (considering we neglecting to really set up a place to meet, so we were relying on luck and intuition) on the other side of baggage claim. The thing about baggage claim, is that in order to claim your luggage, the luggage needs to be there in the first place. Turns out Clarin's luggage was lost somewhere in the airport and they didn't know where it was. So Clarin decided to hopefully pick up the luggage the next day at the airport. Thankfully she was given a free shirt from Air France so now her trendiness was upped a level. Abby's beautiful face was indeed in the right place at the right time, so her and Clarin were at last reunited. We spent our first night together eating caesar salad and watching 7th Heaven dubbed over in French (can you think of anything more romantic?) 

We are currently sitting in our hotel room with the one and only Megan Hogue laying at the foot of our bed and we are waiting to head back to the airport to (hopefully) pick up Clarin's luggage, meet up with the rest of the group, and head up north to Honfleur. 

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